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Til forsiden

The wood industry

vaarnish rollers
Our coatings for varnish are resistant to solvents in UV varnish.

Stain rollers
Sponge rubber Delivered in three different types of grain density

PUR Scrapers
Standard length 1,500 mm

Glue rollers
It has maximum wearing qualities and high elasticity. The roller is grooved, profiled and delivered at the customer’s request. 

Glue dosing rollers
Hard-wearing and extremely hard rubber coating

Oil rollers
Smooth or ribbed surface

Oil rollers
Smooth or ribbed surfaceSanding roller
On these rollers it is import that the bearings of the core and the journal are precise and that the rollers are grinded 100% accurately due to the high rotational speed. After re-rubbering we recommend to have the rollers balanced dynamically.

Driving wheel and transport rollers
High wearability and friction are often required. If the wearability has highest priority, we recommend a hard rubber. If friction has the higher priority, we recommend a soft rubber. The result is often a compromise between the two. To avoid colour smudging, we have chosen light qualities. We deliver both

New rollers / spare rollers
Repair and re-rubbering

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