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Roller index

We match most roller needs:

  • Rollers:
    - Sale of completely new rubber rollers
    - New rubber coating and repair of old rollers
    - Grinding of rubber rollers
    - Sale of transport boxes
  • Order sizes:
    - From single items to large series
  • Roller sizes:
    - Up to 5,800 mm long
    - Up to 740 mm in diameter and down to small wheels
  • Rubber:
    - 10 rubber types and more than 100 rubber compounds adjusted to different resistance requirements
    - Rubber hardness from 20 - 100 Shore A (Ebonite)
  • Rubber coating:
    - We coat with rubber on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, glass fibre reinforced polyester and certain synthetic materials
  • Geometry and profiling:
    - Roller geometry and profiling performed according to the customer’s wishes
New rollers / spare rollers
Repair and re-rubbering

Teknisk Gummi Horsens A/S
Norgesvej 6
DK-8700 Horsens
Tel.: 76 26 93 77
Fax: 75 62 39 87
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