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Today, Teknisk Gummi offers coating of rollers, where all the best qualities come together.

  • high initial stability in regard to both swelling and extraction
  • good water and colour conveyance
  • good wearing qualities
  • good resistance towards oily colours and cleaning agents

Your benefits:

  • improved printing quality
  • increased life
  • reduced cleaning of rollers
  • fewer adjustments of rollers

Our high quality series comprise damping and colour rollers:

The qualities are applicable for both vegetable colours, semi-vegetable colours and mineral oil colours. Using our rollers, you can rest assured that your production is based on the best possible conditions.  We produce offset qualities for both traditional colours and UV colours.

New rollers / spare rollers
Repair and re-rubbering

Teknisk Gummi Horsens A/S
Norgesvej 6
DK-8700 Horsens
Tel.: 76 26 93 77
Fax: 75 62 39 87
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