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Til forsiden


1968  Teknisk Gummi Horsens A/S is founded by Viggo

1981  Acquisition of engineering workshop at Venusvej

1986  Viggo Rasmussen’s son Klaus Rasmussen takes over

1986  Formation of Teknisk Gummi Sweden AB

1986  V. Rasmussen invents an extruder head for extrusion
           of rubber coatings
1987  The extrusion technique is patented

2003  New growth strategy is implemented, includes
           investment in new machinery
2003  Acquisition of the rubber roller factory Kawidan ApS

2007 Shareholder Invest Growth buys Teknisk Gummi

2008 Acquisition of Horsens Gummivarefabrik

2010 Whole production together in new building on Norgenvej

2011 Manager Keld Sund Nielsen buys Teknisk Gummi

2012 Acquisiton of the production equipment from Walzen-Henskes GmhH
          The production range is hereby expandento include the rubberizing of
          sleeves for laser-engraving.

2014 Acquisition with Böttcher Group, Germany

2016 New name: Böttcher Teknisk Gummi A/S



New rollers / spare rollers
Repair and re-rubbering

Teknisk Gummi Horsens A/S
Norgesvej 6
DK-8700 Horsens
Tel.: 76 26 93 77
Fax: 75 62 39 87
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